About Us


Altezano Brothers exists to provide the most enjoyable cup of coffee.

Altezano Brothers was established in 1999 by three brothers born in Latin America and raised in the same communities from which most of our coffees are sourced.

Whether you are a bustling café owner, caffeine connoisseur (addict) or just an occasional recreational sipper, when you buy our coffee you are purchasing the absolute best of the moment.

We only blend after we have roasted our single origin coffees, allowing us to tailor our roast profile precisely. This also means you can enjoy either one of our blends, or you can select from our range of outstanding individual component coffees.

Altezano Brothers is committed to quality, transparency, and social responsibility.

In our espresso bars we partner with local artisan producers using in-season ingredients.  All our pork and poultry are free-farmed, our juices are raw, our milk is organic, and our takeaway cups are compostable; of course!  We are a member of the Sustainable Business Network and Conscious Consumers. 

 All our coffee must meet these four criteria:

We believe that these criteria taken together are why we produce the most enjoyable cup of coffee.


Specialty Grade – all our coffees are of exceptional quality. Each is chosen as an exemplar of its type which is why you will not find any commercial grade coffees on our offer sheet.  Our coffees command a premium at origin for the grower, which is justifiably earned by them.

Traceability – It is essential for us to know how and where our coffees come from.  All our coffees are traceable to Specialty Estates, Farms and Cooperatives.  Traceability is imperative for us as an informed, conscientious roaster; and for you to be an informed, conscientious consumer.

Latest Crop – Coffee is a seasonal natural product that will degrade over time.  The green coffee we roast is vibrant because we do not warehouse it for more than one harvest.  Of course, once it is roasted, we believe that coffee must be enjoyed in the moment so try to buy less more frequently if possible.

Exclusivity – Once you try specialty grade coffee sourced directly from origin, you will notice and appreciate the difference.





Altezano Brothers strongly advocates supporting the communities in which we work and play.

We source our coffee directly from growers at origin which maximises their return.

In New Zealand, we contribute financially to local charitable organisations. They provide direct assistance to some of the less fortunate members of our community.  Currently we are supporting KidsCan and Women’s Refuge.